Moraba featured in Memeburn!!

The Moraba game launch was feature in Memeburn. It was a truly magical event and the interview reflects this. See the review here.

And stay tuned for more pics and coverage of the auspicious Moraba Launch.

The Making Of Moraba: The Mobile Game

The Making Of Moraba: The Mobile Game

The process of making a successful game is not an easy one. But here you can see some ‘behind the scenes’ footage of what goes into its making.

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The Afroes approach is to build an advertising or marketing campaign around an interactive mobile application that seeks to advertise a product or brand. Games and applications attract people to websites and other customer interactions that encourage repeat visits and recommendations, which can be the most powerful form of endorsement. This form of promotion is permission based and thus creates a greater level of loyalty and brand image among consumers that are tired of the push-based and interruptive nature of traditional mass marketing. (more…)

Unique Community Distribution

MobiChamps are youth who champion the campaign in their own communities, generating awareness and participation amongst children and their peers using mobile phones and mobile applications.

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The mobile phone represents the most widespread computing and networking platform in the world. All estimates put cellular penetration in Africa at well over 30% and rising exponentially. In South Africa alone there are an estimated 6.3 million mobile users between 10 and 24.

Applications and services delivered to a mobile device allows for detailed beneficiary analysis and unprecedented reach.

Future African Leadership

Afroes hope to forge a new generation of leadership across Africa, built on modern African values.

Community Focus Groups

Afroes is constantly visiting youth groups and schools across the country to get a sense of how young people are thinking and feeling.

MobiChamps in the community

Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

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