Transformational Games

The Afroes approach is to build an advertising or marketing campaign around an interactive mobile application that seeks to advertise a product or brand. Games and applications attract people to websites and other customer interactions that encourage repeat visits and recommendations, which can be the most powerful form of endorsement. This form of promotion is permission based and thus creates a greater level of loyalty and brand image among consumers that are tired of the push-based and interruptive nature of traditional mass marketing.

The power of games to engage users is starting to be used by social development agencies and CSR departments keen to transmit an important message in a powerful experiential way, either through a simulation or through in-game messaging.

Developed for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund “Champions for Children” campaign, Champ Chase is an exciting mobile phone and online game that targets young people with the positive messages of the campaign. The game is designed to raise awareness about child protection, educate young people about child safety and empower children to speak out about abuse happening in their communities. Champ Chase sets the user with a series of missions to locate and rescue children across South Africa. In each level, the user must avoid contact with five different child abusing villains, including physical abusers, child traffickers, criminals, online predators and substance abusers. In order to assist the rescue, child protection resources are located throughout the levels, like the Childline number, which assist the hero in their mission. The game has already generated over 30,000 downloads


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