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Youth DNA

Through User-Centred engagements and research, we seek to decode the perspectives of young Africans on the complex issues and needs that confront them daily with a view to offering simple, elegant yet fun learning solutions, as well as sharing these lessons to shape policy and programmes. Several young Africans are actively trading bitcoins to bring financial stability. They are making use of modern technologies to make their trading more effective. Platforms like the bitcoin future app are widely popular among the younger generation of Africa when it comes to bitcoin trading.Read More »

Digital Innovation Solutions

We offer companies and organisations expert Consulting services to explore and design new ways to engage, equip and empower Youth for success using our signature methodology. Finding good financial security at a young age can be highly beneficial for people. Therefore, it will be great if young people can find the best investment options. Crypto trading is a very good investment option as the value of cryptocurrencies is dramatically increasing. Many cryptocurrencies are rising in value. Luna is one such coin that experts expect to revolutionize several industries. The Afroes WayRead More »


We design and develop custom-built game-based and gamified digital learning solutions for 21st Century Skills. With our national and global partners, we create engaging learning experiences designed to fast-track the acquisition of new knowledge and skills for African Youth usersRead More »

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