HAKI Launch in Nairobi


Plugged Digital Expo 2012 is a digital experience event organized annually in the heart of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. With an attendance running into thousands of people ranging from hardcore technology enthusiasts to the everyday light consumer, the Afroes Company Ltd. chose to use this event as a platform to launch and promote its newly developed mobile game HAKI: Shield and Defend.

Haki is the Swahili for “rights” and/or “justice” and is the spirit with which the game was developed. Haki: Shield and Defend is the first installment in a game series that gives you, the player, the opportunity to mend the wrongs that tear at the social fabric and in the process defend your rights. In this installment, the idea is the protection of environmental rights and hence the players are given a mission to go into one of our treasured forest parks and to save the trees that are being cut down by illegal logging.

Afroes goal with this game is to sensitize people to the fact that forests are precious and they need active participation in maintaining them not just for us but for future generations. As a result, Afroes can lend its voice to the efforts geared towards hindering the negative effects of deforestation such as climate change, progressive desertification, eventual famine and drought.

Haki: Shield and Defend is available on the Android Playstore and the Nokia Ovi store as a free to play game. We encourage downloads of the game and further encouraging the movement geared to protect our environment and our rights for ourselves and our children.


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